Nancy Rabern


  1. Career Coaching
    I offer career coaching to individuals who are seeking their next opportunities. The first thing I do is conduct a deep assessment into what your dream job looks like. From there, I construct a profile of the kind of work you should be doing that will bring you maximum fulfillment and incorporate your current skill set.
  2. Job Search
    Looking for a job can be a full time job in and of itself. I coach individuals how to find their dream job, how to get an interview and what to say during the interview that highlights your strengths.
  3. Resumes
    Resumes are deeply personal and also difficult to write. I've reviewed a gazillion resumes in my time working as a full time recruiter. I bring a unique insight into what is going to catch a Hiring Manager or Recruiter's eye. I can write a resume from the ground up or modify an existing one.
  4. Recruiting
    By functioning as your internal recruiter, I write job descriptions, source for candidates, review resumes and portfolios, conduct initial phone screens and interviews. I only present the BEST of the BEST for you to interview. I save you time and that saves you money.
  5. Team Building
    I specialize in helping organizations build their creative and marketing teams. Designers, Account Coordinators, Art Directors, Copywriters, and Project Managers are all in my wheel house.
  6. Closing the Deal
    There always seems to be one (or two) more steps in the hiring process. Even when both parties are in agreement. I handle all those little details to close the deal; checking references, negotiating salaries, and ensuring the on boarding process goes smoothly.