Nancy Rabern

About  Me

In the Beginning


With the changing landscape of the digital broadcast industry and the advent of pro-sumer (yes, that's a word) cameras and editorial equipment, I realized it was time to re-invent myself.  I saw that there were many boutique businesses that needed an adjunct sales person and marketing assistance.  I formed my own company - 62|62 Marketing and represented businesses from "brick and mortars" to services to online only.
*Ask me why I named my company 62|62 Marketing.
After working for many years in the broadcast industry as a producer, I leveraged my skill set and network to capitalize on my strengths as a sales person.  Anyone who has ever met me, knows I'm tenacious (okay, some might say "stubborn").  In 2004, I was hired at a post production facility to grow their business and bring a fresh perspective.



As 62|62 Marketing grew, people in my network were reaching out to me to ask "I need a graphic designer, who do you know?" or "We're hiring an Art Director, do you know anyone?"  I probably made over 15 placements without ever earning a dime. That's when I realized that I love connecting people!  Outside of introducing a person to their spouse, there really is no other connection that is more satisfying!
In 2011 I was offered an exciting opportunity - to be part of the launch of Aquent's new division, Vitamin T which focuses entirely on placing creative/marketing talent at mid-size companies and advertising agencies.  


Throughout my time as a recruiter I gained valuable insight from both the candidate's perspective and the client's. I love talking to business owners and discovering how I can solve their hiring problems.